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Stomach 9 is known as Man's Prognosis or Person's Welcome in English. It is a point I love to needle and must be done with caution in order to avoid puncturing the carotid artery, which should be palpated and then held laterally during needling. It Is also known as a Window of Heaven points, which are my favourite points along with Ghost Points.

This point helps to lower high Blood pressure. Make sure not to solely rely on this exercise but to use it in addition to your regular supplements and regime. Stay tuned for how to maintain healthy Blood pressure.

Location: On the neck, level with the tip of Adam's apple, on the anterior border where the common carotid artery pulsates.

Press on the point gently, one side at a time for 15-30 second then the other side. Repeat a few times till pressure drops. Do not press both sides at once.

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