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Helicobacter Pylori (HP)

HP is a type of bacteria that attacks the digestive tract as well as Stomach lining. Symptoms include vomiting, bloating, Stomach ache, nausea, belching and gastritis. This is a chronic inflammation which will impede the proper functioning of the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract which will cause long term distress in the digestive system, Stomach and Spleen.

HP used to be only seen in "developing countries" but the developed world seems to have taken over where 80% adults and children develop it. HP increases your risk of Stomach cancer if you do not nip this in the bud. Mainstream medicine will happily treat you with synthetic medication, which is fine if you are happy with this. But remember, these synthetic drugs will not destroy the parasites which are called bad bacteria in mainstream medicine and in the process will actually destroy your good bacteria. We do not have bad anything in our body, if we do, it is not a bad bacteria or virus as we all know it. It is parasites that should not be there in the first place. Just like chemotherapy cannot differentiate between healthy blood cells and non healthy blood cells, medication is the same, it does not discriminate between healthy and non healthy.

From a TICM viewpoint, it is absolutely essential to treat this infection immediately and bring back good bacteria to your Stomach and gut. Therefore, I would personally advise that you see a TICM doctor as quickly as possible. In the meantime, at home you can help yourself by consuming the following:

Garlic: garlic is a natural anti-biotic and has anti-inflammatory characteristics which you can eat raw or cooked. Eating 2 medium sized cloves with lunch and dinner will reduce the production of bad bacteria.

Ginger: ginger powder tea, minimum 3 times a day, will also eliminate bad bacteria. I am sure everyone knows about ginger now as I talk about it in almost everything.

Propolis: propolis has more than 300 compounds and impedes the growth of germs.

Black seed oil: 2 teaspoons of black seed oil every day is much better than conventional treatment.

Broccoli sprouts: sulforphane which is also a anti-cancer compound if extremely effective in treating HP, lowering gastric inflammation and bacterial presence.

Manuka honey: this honey is abundant in anti-bacterial characteristics along with other raw honey and are used for many health issues which is also a cure in itself. If you have HP, have a tablespoon of honey in the morning before breakfast. Alternatively, eat toast topped with manuka honey or raw honey sprinkling some black seeds on top. In the UK, after doing hijama wet cupping on patients, I would have a member of staff make honey toast for my patients along with a cup of ginger powder tea and a glass of honey water before commencing acupuncture treatment or other physical therapies.

Probiotics: we need probiotics for proper digestion and a healthy gut. if we have more bad bacteria than good, we automatically increase the risk of inflammation and chronic health problems. If one already has chronic health problems, they will be elevated. This is why I stress to everyone to take a good probiotic to supply your gut with healthy bacteria. But I do suggest everyone makes their own using my simple recipe. The ready made ones that are sold, have chemicals and preservatives which gives them their shelf life.

Cranberry juice: cranberry of one of the most beneficial cures for gastrointestinal and urinary tract problems due to its strong anti-bacterial properties. Consumed regularly, it will impede the bad bacterial colonisation in the Stomach and encourage their elimination through the urine.

If you really want to get well, also make the following changes:

Eat more flaxseeds and chia seeds due to their abundant omega-3 fatty acids.

Drink more kefir which is abundant in probiotics (make your own).

Eat cruciferous vegetables every day. Do not eat the same ones every day otherwise you will develop allergies.

Only eat wild caught fish (I have started purchasing from Springvale as many of their fishes are still alive. I personally believe it is more potent to kill the fish just before you eat it for more nutrients! This is what our ancestors did. But please note live fishes are expensive. If you opt to buy the dead fish, ensure you look at its eyes to see what its spirit looks like. If the eyes look healthy, the fish will be healthy).

Have manuka honey or raw honey daily. People tell me they are allergic to honey. You are not allergic to honey, wheat, gluten, lactose etc. What you are allergic to is the added chemicalised wheat, gluten etc that is injected into our foods. Naturally all our food products have always had wheat, gluten etc in them.

Eat more berries.

Eat more fermented foods. Make your own.

Stop eating spicy foods, greasy foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine and grains low in fibre.

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