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Root of heartburn

In TICM, heartburn is classified as a symptom of a greater underlying root dysfunction specifically as a manifestation of disharmonies in the Stomach and Liver. To treat this disorder properly, we work on bringing harmony to the Liver and Stomach in order to eradicate the symptom(s). Heartburn is treated through adjusting oesophageal pressure, harmonising gastric acids and smoothing digestion.️

Look back at the previous acupressure post on Heartburn exercise plus:

Acupuncture: reduces stress and opens the flow of stagnated Qi, reducing symptoms of heartburn and promoting regular digestion.

Liver formula: helps reduce stress, helps digest emotions and balance our feelings, resulting in a smooth flow of Qi and Blood. Also helps Stomach function.

Spleen formula: strengthens the Stomach/Spleen to help in overall digestive function and symptoms such as acid regurgitation, heartburn, poor digestion, indigestion, abdominal distension, belching, bloating, gas. This formula is especially useful when taken in the morning from 9-11am.

Practicing flexibility and allowing life to flow. Life is unexpected and that is the beauty of it, when we resist the natural flow of life, we do the same internally, stopping the natural flow of Qi (our vital life force) in our bodies causing emotional and digestive issues to rise from the Liver into the Stomach and up the oesophagus.

Food and nutrition: eating whole foods, eating breakfast, eating a light and easily digestible dinner, regular meal times, not eating late at night, eating a variety of vegetables and reducing alcohol, smoking, sugar, refined and processed foods, etc.

Ginger powder: dehydrated ginger promotes Stomach harmony and stops the production of excess Stomach acid. Ginger warms the digestion, while killing bacteria and pathogens, allowing a harmonious flow of Qi with all the corresponding organs. Overall, the stronger the Stomach and Spleen are, the less chance for digestive issues.

Please note that too little acids can also cause heartburn, yet we have been conditioned to believe its always excess acids. In addition, Nexium, Gaviscon etc are not drugs you should be on. Try putting 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in a glass of warm or room temperature water, stir and drink 30 minutes before your meals.

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