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Healing with sounds

In TICM, organs are now viewed as just a piece of flesh that can be taken out. They are all one and connected. If one is missing, this will have a knock on affect making remaining organs suffer. Every organ is associated with an element, season, colour, sound, personality, emotion and so on. Each element is associated with a sound known as the Six Healing Sounds. They are used to improve health, promote healing and longevity.

These sounds have been used for thousands of years to release excess emotions or stagnation from the specific tissues and organs of the body. Because our bodies hold onto memory, trauma, and stress even when our mental mind tells us it is a thing of the past, these sounds help us release those trapped and stored emotions.

Why not choose one of the sound or all the sounds on a daily basis as per video below:

Heart: inhale and imagine red light filling the Heart As you exhale the Haw (He) sound, release anxiety from the Heart

Spleen: inhale golden orange yellow light into the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas As you exhale the Hoo (Hu) sound, release worry from the digestive system

Lung: inhale and imagine white light filling up the Lungs As you exhale the Sssss (Sī) sound, release grief and sadness from the Lungs

Kidney: inhale and imagine dark blue light into each Kidney As you exhale the Choo (Chui) sound, release fear from the Kidneys

Liver: inhale and imagine green light entering the Liver As you exhale the Shhh (Xu) sound, imagine releasing anger from the Liver

San Jiao/Triple Burner: inhale and imagine clear Qi into the whole body As you exhale the Hee (Xi) sound, allow the vibration of love to fill your entire body

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