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Happiness is digestion

Can you imagine a tea kettle on a warm fire? This is how TICM views the incredible vessel that is our Spleen and Stomach organ system aka our digestion.

A strong digestion and efficient metabolism rely on this fire. Metabolism has nothing to do with the thyroid as people are led to believe. Our digestion not only has to process what we eat, but what we think. Even if we consume high quality organic foods, if we spend our time worrying about the past or future, it leaves less energy available to digest efficiently or well. Also, there will be less energy to perform other important functions, like maintaining the immune system.

If you are feeling sluggish, dealing with allergies, hormone imbalances, weight gain, fogginess, depression, anxiety, skin problems, etc, please stay consistent with the below tips.

Ginger powder is a great ways to activate your whole body. Ginger is the number one food to heal. When you consume ginger, it has the power to ignite the fire within. It is yellow and grows in soil which is perfectly tied to our Stomach's essence.

Relaxation: in TICM it is believed that meals are important times of the day and food should not be mixed with work, reading or watching television. This may inhibit the passage of food through the body and change the quality of digestion. Light a candle while you eat and bask in the ambiance instead of the television, mobile phone or any other screens.

Eat in moderate amounts: overeating results in an overworked Spleen and food stagnation. The Spleen does not have sufficient time to empty before your next meal, causing you to feel bloated and fatigued. Food combining can help with a really over taxed digestive system.

Chew your food well: chewing your food thoroughly reduces the workload for your digestive system and food gets absorbed more easily. This also allows a longer time for your meals, letting you realize the feeling of fullness and prevent overeating.

Avoid cold or chilled beverages: cold drinks harm the Spleen, the body uses energy to warm up the food before it even begins the digestion process.

If you want to have something like a smoothie in the warmer months, have it while the sun is burning bright at room temperature and add ginger.

Meditation: cleaning up your mind and staying mindful can help with digesting less anxiety, fear or worry.

Stay away from inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, sugar, fried foods. Try it out and see how you feel in regards to other symptoms. Some patients were having environmental and pet allergies and after they cut out gluten, her other allergies disappeared.

Think positively about your food and do not criticise the food you eat: many times I hear people referring to food as bad or good or that you are cheating when you eat certain things. Putting a negative connotation on something you are about to put into your body does your system no good. Thank and appreciate the food you eat. If I do not like something or wish to eat from someone, I simply leave it out.

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