Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most common complaints that I hear. Easiest ways to start helping yourself.

Go to bed before 10:30pm. The health of our hair is rooted in our Kidney system, which is in charge of our vital energy, also known as our Qi. Though it has become so common to stay up late every night, not receiving proper rest is one the most overlooked causes of hair loss or hair thinning. The body prefers to be asleep before 11pm, when Qi is strongest in the Liver system, which is the system responsible for detoxing and making sure our Blood and Qi run smoothly. Hair grows with ample Blood and Qi gets to the scalp. That is why people stimulate the scalp, to get energy moving. The Kidney and Liver need to be functioning well to promote healthy hair.

Do not stress and find natural ways to relieve your stress. The Liver is affected by stress and the flow of Qi and Blood become stagnant when we experience excess stress or consistent stress. When Blood and Qi cannot nourish the scalp, you can experience hair loss, hair thinning and premature greys. Stress also affects the Kidney system which may feel the repercussions from the stressed out and burn out from lack of proper rest.

Kidney Jing has a lot to do with hair loss to which I shall cover soon.

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