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Grow your own

Want organic? Grow your own

I have standards and like with everything, I like to test things myself. I recently discovered that fruit and vegetables that we are sold and claim to be organic, is not organic. How do I know? Through a compost test. For example: I left some raw herbs that I had along with some 'organic' grapes. Whilst the herbs had fully decomposed within 3 weeks, the 'organic' grape was in the same condition. So imagine if I eat this grape, what is it doing to my internal?

So we all know that we should be trying to eat organic fruit and vegetables, and how can we be sure that the food we are eating is really free from chemical pesticides and fertilisers? The answer is simple grow your own. By growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables you can be sure that:

You know exactly what is (or isn't) in the food you feed your family.

You can have nutritionally superior and tastier produce at a fraction of the price of a supermarket.

Gardening is relaxing and stress relieving, not to mention great exercise.

Your children will learn where food really comes from.

Anyone can start growing their own produce, you do not need a large garden. Herbs and salad leaves can be grown on a windowsill or in pots outside. All you need to start your own organic garden is a few pots, some seeds, and a few basic tools. Always buy fruits and vegetables with seeds so its not GMO, save the seeds and use them. With root vegetables, such as potatoes, wait for it to sprout a little, cut that off and plant. Use the remaining part of the vegetable.

It is greatly rewarding going into your own garden and picking a tomato or lettuce to eat that you have grown yourself.

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