The widely used weed killer Glyphosate (Roundup) has been implicated as a cause of chronic disease. I have seen people use it at home in their gardens and patio's to get rid of what people believe are annoying weed. Weed actually has a purpose but that is another story for another time. But did you know that when it rains or when you water your grass and plants, that you are washing all the toxic chemicals into the air around your property that you and your family are inhaling? This is a reason I refuse to use any type of pest control. If the weeds bother you so much, dig them out using your bare hands, one way of bringing you closer to nature.

Exposure to glyphosate may alter the microbiome and intestinal flora of humans.

GMO foods are connected with a wide variety of chronic illnesses because of glyphosate contamination.

Advice: look after your appendix which makes your microbiome. make your own probiotics and fermented foods and eat at room temperature. Store in the pantry, as storing in the fridge changes the valuable nutritional properties as well as changing the thermal nature. Be kind to your gut and your kind shall be good to you in return.

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