Ginger powder is what I recommend to almost everyone regardless of whether they have hot or cold ‘condition’ as almost everyone I treated is lacking proper Yang energy, the energy that fuels the digestive system, immune system and circulation. Look back at what Yang is from a previous post. Ginger powder is so delicious and versatile and there are countless ways to drink it as tea along with adding it to rice, curry, noodles and on top of your seaweed salad or oysters. Use Ginger powder to strengthen the immune system, prevent cold and flu, ease pain, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, reduce bloating, reduce acid reflux, improve Blood flow and circulation, help diabetes, manage hypertension, reduce cholesterol, kill bacteria, parasites and viruses. Below are just some of my favourite teas made with ginger powder but feel free to modify it to suit your taste buds. Ginger powder, cinnamon, lemon or lime juice and honey. Ginger powder, red dates.

Ginger powder, red, dates, goji berries.

Ginger powder, longon fruit.

Ginger powder, saffron. Ginger powder, red dates, cinnamon. Ginger powder, honey. Ginger powder, dash of cayenne pepper.

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