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Full moon flare ups

Flare ups during full moon

One question I do ask my patients is if they feel they have flare up's in their emotions and 'conditions' during the full moon. A few women know that they get emotional around that time, their children become extra hyper but majority do not take note. But once I have planted this seed, in their next visit they advise that they have become more aware of themselves which is great.

So I see my patients feel more sensitive, especially around the full and new moons. If you take the emotions and heavy energy of the current world, mix them with the heat of summer, and add a full moon and it would almost be unnatural not to feel excessive emotions in one way or another. Does this signal anything? Let's look at why do full moons cause distress to most people.

In recent years, more light has been shed on the roles parasites play in disease and symptoms. This is something almost every ancient culture has known for thousands of years. In fact, they would practice monthly cleansing by deliberately taking certain herbs to control them.

Around the full moon, parasites increase movement in the host. Our circadian rhythm is affected by the moon, we produce more serotonin and less melatonin, an ideal breeding ground for these smart and stealth bugs, they hide within the deep tissues of our organs and come out during these periods.

If you feel unwell or feel your conditions becoming exacerbated during the week of the full moon you may want to take note. Feelings like extreme cravings especially for sugar, depression, insomnia, diarrhoea, constipation and fatigue are signals you can use from your body to take control.

Colon detox and candida relief are two ancient formulas that target this issue, which can be prescribed by your TICM doctor. A common issue with cleanses is that the body detoxes too quickly, compromising the immune system, as well as organs function. The key with parasite cleansing is to strengthen the host, or the terrain, which will then become an unfriendly environment for them to thrive.

How to take effectively: take over two 5-day periods overlapping with the full and new moon. Begin on whichever moon cycle is closest to you.

Full Moon: start 4 days before the full Moon and take for a total of 5 days

New Moon: start the day of the new moon and take for 5 days.

Alternatively, follow your doctors advice.

Or please refer to my previous posts on foods that you can take at home to cleanse any parasites.

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