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The feeling of frustration is defined as the feeling or expressing distress and annoyance, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. Oftentimes the feeling can manifest after experiencing something you feel is unjust or unfair.

We all come in contact with a situation that almost does not feel real because it does not seem right. You ask yourself, how is this even happening? Whether at work, at home, with friends or family, maybe someone is not telling the truth, is leaving parts out of the story, or even twisting the facts for their gain or benefit. So where does this leave you? Feeling frustrated and annoyed. How can this happen when you only wanted the best?

Stay focused on what your objective is. Was your goal to help someone and things got complicated and messy? Was your goal to do something for yourself and someone got in the way with their narrative? Sometimes, it's better not to say too much, to focus on the positive and on moving forward. The truth always prevails, the truth always comes to light.

Emotions are so valued in TICM, because of the impact they have on the body. Something like frustration can be difficult to treat because it is so complex. This emotion directly affects the Liver system.

How can you help yourself in a frustrated situation?

Speak with someone you trust. Speak positively and truthfully. Realise what your goal and objective was in the situation.

Recognise the things that you cannot change and that you cannot change someone else's reactions or actions.

Think about the positive outcome that you wish to happen in the particular situation.

Take Liver formula to help smooth the feelings of the Liver. The Liver is associated with feelings of anger, frustration and irritability. it can better handle those emotions when balanced.

Continue on your path with focus. Keep busy with work, with hobbies and taking care of yourself. Feeling good is the best medicine.

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