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Foundation of health at TICM

Foundation of Health - Fire Dragon TICM

At Fire Dragon TICM clinic the essence of what I do and what I teach, to my students and to my patients is not that complicated. My work revolves around 3 foundational elements. These elements are so important that I consider them to be the foundations of health.

Just like a seed needs water, air and light to grow, humans also require 3 simple ingredients in order for us to express our inbuilt natural disposition to be healthy and live a fulfilled life.

The 3 foundational elements of health are:

CORRECT nutrition ensuring that not only the correct materials are absorbed into our bodies but also that harmful substances are avoided and/or eliminated from our systems too.

ADEQUATE mobility on both a macro and micro level, to ensure that each cell in our body is stimulated and nourished appropriately and efficiently through proper movement.

EMPOWERING mindset to ensure that there is appropriate management of body functions, secretions and modulations though correct thought management, focus control and processing.

All illness, disease and dysfunction in the human state can be traced back to a deficiency or imbalance in at least one of these elements. Just as a seed can not grow in an environment that does not contain the basic elements neither can health be restored in an environment that lacks in its foundations.

Regardless of all the efforts you may take to address individual symptoms, unless the cause of dis-ease in the human state is addressed, health will never be able to blossom in the long term.

If you want to explore how balanced your health foundations are and would like some support in restoring them do come and see me. I will give you paper and pen to take notes as I talk too much. I will consider trying virtual appointments again at some point.

In order to live well, you must eat well, think well, move well.

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