Fire Dragon Moxibustion

Being Fire element by nature and born in the year of the Dragon, known as the Fire Dragon from a Chinese Medicine perspective, I have decided to introduce an amazing technique called Fire Dragon moxibustion to spice things up in clinic for the well being of the patients. This ancient technique is used more in eastern countries. I always claim my patients are my true teachers and they always help me to enhance my skill set and knowledge. So when I do not see results at the rate I want them to happen, I know it is time to step up my game even though I am constantly evolving in my game.


Sliced fresh ginger and line them up along the spine or Du meridian in Chinese Medicine.

The Du meridian or Sea of Yang governs all the Yang in the body (warm factor) so I will use Fire Dragon moxibustion to help heat up the body. When on the spine, it will look like a dragons scale from side on which is where the name comes from.

Ginger (Sheng Jiang) is a very warming herb that helps enhance the moxa and also protect the skin.

On top of the ginger will be loose moxa rolled into a cone. Moxa is Mugwort (Ai Ye). It becomes this wool type consistency after being finely chopped and dried in a special way. Mugwort is a warming herb that TICM doctors use for cold conditions such as infertility, chronic illness, digestive issues to name a few.

Once the Moxa is safely on top of the ginger we get burning. The burning of the herb seeps through the ginger helping activate the Du meridian and building some much needed Yang (warmth). The Moxa burns down relatively quickly and the doctor has to keep a close eye on it to keep my patient safe.

This type of technique is only used for certain conditions of chronic cold symptoms because it is pretty powerful.

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