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Treating fibromyalgia with TICM has been successful thanks to its multi-faceted approach in addressing the several root disharmonies that lead to this disease. Most people with fibromyalgia have one or more of the following: Spleen energy deficiency: many sufferers of fibromyalgia cannot digest food properly and have Stomach issues. It is recommended to ramp up digestive fire through a warming breakfast like congee, sweet potato, and ginger powder tea. Cutting out wheat and dairy for at least 2 weeks to see if symptoms improve is recommended. Managing stress and thoughts of worry is vital because the Spleen is weakened by stress, worry, anxiety and overthinking. Liver/ Nervous system deficiency: if digestion isn't the main issue, the nervous system is addressed, and Liver patterns are analysed. The Liver governs muscle function, the nervous system, energy, and Blood. This imbalance can impact sleep, emotions, and directly correlates to pain because Qi (energy) and Blood are stagnant. Kidney deficiency: this pattern is usually seen in older patients due to the loss of vital energy over the years. With our fast-paced lives, however, this deficiency is becoming more common in younger people. Use food therapy, acupuncture, massage, Salaah and Qigong to help organs restore balance, as well as herbal medicine.

Reviews of acupuncture have shown that acupuncture significantly improves pain scores compared to sham acupuncture. When compared to first generation pharmaceuticals (meloxicam, oryzanol, mirtazapine, or amitriptyline) acupuncture was significantly better at reducing pain and number of tender points. There was further evidence that the relapse rate of pain was better with acupuncture than amitriptyline. Qigong: these meditative movements are used to open channels and cultivate energy to the body. Find some on Youtube. Magnesium helps relax muscles, relieves stress, regulates nerve and muscle function. Baths, oils and gels can be used as well as through foods.

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