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Fertility exercises

Many women struggle with fertility issues and it can be frustrating and stressful. Whilst there are many things a woman can do to boost fertility naturally, there is one incredibly simple and cosy thing you must do. For thousands of years, TICM have been saying that warm feet are equal to warm Uterus. A warm Uterus is needed for the embryo to implant and thrive in.

Our feet are connected to our Uterus as the channels that start at our feet connect to our reproductive system. This means that cold will run into the Uterus causing what we call in TICM a cold Uterus. A cold Uterus indicates lack of proper Blood circulation. This makes complete sense because cold causes constriction and lack of movement. Blood needs warming energy to help it circulate. An embryo needs to be properly nourished in a lush warm environment to thrive and not a cold, stuck, stagnant Uterus with a lack of proper Blood flow and lack of nourishment. So it is simple. Slip on some warm socks and keep your feet and Uterus warm. Use this easy exercise to improve fertility, strengthen ovaries and uterus. Sit on your bottom in the butterfly pose, with your feet together, move the knees up and down. Do this for 3-10 minutes daily. CV4 in English is translated as Gate of Origin and is a powerful point to help invigorate fertility, Qi (vital energy) and Blood. I often needle this point on the abdomen for many patients. In TICM, we say that pregnancy is a result of ample Blood and Qi. This point helps menstrual issues, sexual disharmony’s, low energy and Kidney issues. It is very influential on our reproductive health. Rub this area for 3-10 minutes, 1-2 times daily. Do not forget to make sure to always wear socks. Essential meridians for pregnancy are located beginning in the feet. When they are cold, Blood and Qi become stagnant which turns into painful menstruation and menstrual issues and can make it difficult to become pregnant. Always stay warm.

Note: Men if you are reading this, same applies to you and your sperms.

A great Blood and energy building formula is made up of Bai Shao to tonify Blood, nourish Liver. Shu Di Huang has powerful tonifying effect on the Blood, Yin and Jing (essence), in particular Liver and Kidneys. Dang Gui regulates vital energy of the Blood to dispel and prevent Blood stasis, which often leads to chronic Blood deficiency. Chuang Xiong is Blood invigorating herb well known for its ability to address issues of menstrual cramp associated with insufficient vital energy and Blood circulation.

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