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Excess weight

In TICM, excess weight is viewed as an accumulation of dampness which can be the result of a Kidney system lacking the Yang (warm) energy needed to metabolise fluids. This can lead to fluid retention.

Kidney deficiency: our Kidneys are responsible for our development, maturation, and reproduction, they are the root of our being, the root of Yin and Yang balance. Failing to transform waste fluids and foods gather into excess waste and transform into dampness which will congeal into phlegm and become “fat”.

What you can do:

Get proper rest. Do not burn the candle at both ends. Go to sleep early. Reduce/avoid stimulants like coffee, alcohol, nicotine.

Avoid iced water, cold drinks which create more imbalance with your Yin Yang energy. I only drink warm and hot water to keep things flowing in my body. When things are not free flowing, they stagnate giving rise to pain and sickness.

Focus on whole foods. Have a delicious cut of protein, with some white rice, and several vegetable varieties lightly cooked with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. Things like pickled vegetables, avocados, seaweed, can add some variety.

Try Kidney formula’s from you physician. If you have hot flashes, cough, and perspiration, use Kidney formula’s.

Keep feet warm, where Kidney 1 acupuncture point is on the bottom of the feet. Tap lower back to help the Kidneys. Look at previous Kidney posts on how to look after Kidneys.

TICM offers support for balancing Yin and Yang through acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and so much more.

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