Do not ice injuries

In TICM, we do not believe in icing any injuries as ice/cold causes more damage and prevents good healing.

Many times after an injury like a twisted ankle, wounded knee, sprained elbow or fractured something, we are told to place ice on our injury to stop the swelling and numb the pain.

In TICM, we don't put ice on an injury because ice restricts the flow of Blood. An injury or imbalance is always healed with fresh Blood flow to the area. Ice impedes the natural healing process, ultimately prolonging recovery and increasing the likelihood of recurring injury.

Also, the severe cold can become trapped in the weakened area, leading to aches and pains later that you may forget is even associated with the original injury. This is common in developing arthritis or pains in joints.

What to do instead:

It is best to rest for a full 24 hours and elevate the area immediately. Apply San Huang San or a few drops of ginger extract to the area and gently rub/massage it in gently. Use San Huang San according to the package directions.

San Huang San is a popular powered herb that when applied, clears heat and inflammation in the wounded area. You can purchase this online or at a local Asian market

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