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Digestive support

Our digestion fuels our mood, immune system and overall, wellbeing. Around the holidays, it's working overtime, using lots of energy (Qi) to do its job efficiently because of all the excess stimuli. Our Spleen is the source of Qi, Blood, and bodily fluids. It oversees digestion, absorption and is responsible for transforming food into nutrients that are sent out to the entire body, supplying our energy. Just as Mother Earth nurtures, the Qi formed in the Stomach feeds the body. Emotions are always heightened around the holidays and we may feel much more, because family situations and holidays tend to trigger most of us in one way or another. The emotions that especially hurt the Spleen are over worry and stress. Here are some favourite TICM tips for optimal digestion: Meditation creates a better internal environment to handle stress. The better foundation you have, the more you can go with the flow and handle things as they come.

Eat while happy for good digestion. Avoid speaking negatively during a meal or bad about someone.

Keep the Stomach warm by drinking ginger powder tea, keep a hot water pack on your Stomach before bed and dress warmly keeping ankles, feet, legs, and belly covered. Your Spleen channel run along your legs. I wear a Kidney warmer which always keeps my abdomen and back warm. I even wear it in summer.

Superfoods like wild yam, lotus seeds, daikon, Lotus root, red dates, dried and aged orange peel. Use hawthorn fruit (Shan Zha) tea after a large meal to help break down fats and excess.

Schisandra increases intestinal transit rate which prevents food waste accumulation and alleviates gastrointestinal stagnation which often causes discomfort, pain, and bloating.

Eat breakfast to power the digestive system.

Avoid cold and raw foods as the body transforms food by heating it with digestive fire. That’s why cooked food is easy to digest, whereas cold and raw foods take up extra energy. Choose as many foods as possible that are warm. Relax, breathe, and enjoy yourself. Family is our greatest teacher, what are the lessons you are learning?

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