Just like we do not believe in DIEting in TICM, we also do not believe in cleansing and detoxing. What we believe in is balancing and strengthening. Cleansing can detox the body too quickly which will compromise the immune system and organ function instead of strengthening them. The current state of our world today, detoxing is not recommended.

In TICM, we first balance by restoring through food and nutrition, acupuncture, lifestyle and herbal medicine. We then strengthen the organs through the same modalities.

Going back to cleansing, if needed, we cleanse during specific periods of the moon when parasites, bacteria and pathogens are most active. Do speak to your TICM physician of when is best for you. We do this using specific herbal formulations. The key with the cleansing is to strengthen the host (you) which will then become an unfriendly environment for pathogens to thrive. Our circadian rhythm is affected by the moon, we produce more serotonin and less melatonin which is an ideal breeding ground for these smart and stealth bugs as they hide within deep tissues of our organs and come out during these periods.

In recent years, more light has been shed on the roles parasites play in disease and symptoms. This is something almost every ancient culture has known for thousands of years. In fact, they would practice monthly cleansing by deliberately taking certain herbs to control these problematic critters. When parasites overpopulate the body, they take on heavy metals from the system. There are frequent correlations between patients with a high number of parasites carrying a larger heavy metal burden. If you feel unwell or feel your conditions becoming exacerbated during specific times of the moon, take note and speak to your TICM doctor. Feelings like extreme cravings especially for sugar, depression, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation and fatigue are signals you can use from your body to take control of your symptoms. Intestinal formula’s target bacteria, parasites works on strengthening the body’s Yang to push out toxins. Creates a strong host.

Candida and gut formula’s good for people who are so stressed they are easily angered. Reduces damp heat that's a sticky like residue which easily holds toxins and excess weight. Treats over a hundred symptoms.

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