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Daikon and ginger

There is an old saying in TICM, “Eat daikon in the winter and ginger in the summer, and you don't need medicine from doctors.” Summer is the height of Yang (warm) energy and winter is the time of Yin (cold). Whatever the weather is, we can use it to our advantage to heal if we connect to its energy. When the weather is warm, Yang energy is present in the environment. Yang energy is the fuel which makes our body run, it is our internal sun. For proper digestion, it must always be burning bright and strong. Ginger is one of the best foods, if not the best to produce Yang. A healthy body has enough Yang to push out toxins, digest well, power the immune system and run smoothly. Unfortunately, in our modern world, many of us are deficient in this essence, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, slow digestion, weight gain, painful periods and cold hands and feet. If the body has enough Yang, the internal and external Yang can work together to expel toxins and naturally detox, in a deeper way, removing dampness and pathogens more so in the summer. This translates into a healthy Autumn and Winter.

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