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Cranial compression

3 types of cranial compression.

Number 1 is idiopathic cranial compression which I am sure everyone knows what I am going to say the cause is. It is considered idiopathic like almost every other medical condition under the sun as they do not know the cause. However, anyone who truly understand the human body, will know the exact cause. Our body may be the most complex but completely easy to understand for those who seek to understand.

Number 2 is too much oxytocin during labour to stimulate birth with very strong contractions and these contractions are not real or natural. When pain gets so severe, anesthetics are administered too causing even stronger fake contractions pushing the baby's head against an obstruction, the cervix.

Number 3 is a long labour and delivery. The mother is pushing before the cervix is dilated or when baby gets stuck in the birth canal. There is pressure pushing the baby out but this pressure meets an obstacle which is the cervix and head gets compressed.

Squatting is the best position to give birth.

So when the above happens, this gives rise to stagnation of vital energy (Qi) and Blood in the head itself. Sometimes you can see a bruise on the baby's head. These baby's do not sleep, have difficulty sleeping, have headaches all the time, have mental health problems, autism, ADHD etc. When a baby who has not been through the above can easily drift off to sleep, the one who has been through the above trauma will be about to drift off, suddenly there is this push against the head and boom a massive headache arises with a strong pain.

Also the mental stimulation now is completely over the top for our children compared to when I was growing up. For example, when I was growing up, although I always had access to a car, going on a car journey was an exciting one. Now, from the moment the baby comes into the world, it is put into a car seat being driven around with bright lights from other cars, then we take it to the supermarket, sits in the trolley looking up at the ceiling, more bright lights. All these lights affect our Liver and our Souls resides in the Liver. We have no spirituality left. There is no rest for our children's brains, no opportunity for them to relax so their Soul's will never be at ease. But when a child has cranial compression, it is much worse.

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