Cold damage

The temperature of the Stomach and Spleen is about 37 degrees Celsius. When cold water is ingested, the Stomach first needs to warm it up using heat from the lower body and Qi (energy). Immediately, there is a decrease in circulation which results in cold below the waist. This all takes place even before digestion. Liquids including water are digested just as food is.

The acupuncture channel associated with the Stomach starts in the bottom of the eye, traverses the face, sinuses and teeth. When we ingest cold drinks, the Stomach cools. Heat is then generated to obtain equilibrium, leaving the Stomach too hot. Therefore, the heat in the Stomach rises, causing oesophageal reflux, chronic sinusitis, headaches, eye disorders and problems with the teeth.

Women especially need to keep the digestive fire burning because it greatly affects the function and development of the reproductive system. Menstrual cramps, irregular periods, excessive discharge, ovarian cysts, tumours, and fertility problems are all symptoms of a cold reproductive system.

All of these conditions have ties to dampness as well. This is because ingesting cold water creates moisture or dampness. Toxins, bacteria, parasites, and candida thrive in damp areas, especially the Stomach and uterus. As we know, dampness can turn into phlegm that can manifest into fatty tumour’s, bone spurs, Kidney and Gallbladder stones, plaques in the arteries, eyes, brain and other tissues.

Warm/hot drinks have a positive effect on your systemic cooling mechanisms and truly hydrate you. You will feel the difference.

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