Cold and health

Cold and health issues

In TICM, cold is the culprit of weak digestion, weight gain, impaired immunity, nutrient malabsorption, poor circulation and disturbed bowel function.

Warm drinks or at least room temperature one, will actually hydrate you, cool you down and regulate your internal temperature much better than cold ones can. Ice and over consuming raw and cold foods triggers the body to use extra Qi (vital energy) to compensate for the change in body temperature, therefore heating you up more. That may be why no matter how much ice water you drink you can feel hotter and crave more. Your internal air conditioning is heating up. With warm water, you will feel deeply hydrated and satiated from much less.

For 30 days straight, give up your iced drinks and coffee and swap them out for warmer versions. There is a bit of an adjustment period where you will feel your body getting used to the change. This is bringing your body into balance (homeostasis). You will notice less bloating, better digestion, improved circulation and stable temperatures.

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