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Cholesterol and tumour markers

So you have your blood test results and your cholesterol along with your tumour markers are high. Your medical doctor prescribes you synthetic cholesterol drugs but you do not want to take it. Although I personally choose raw Chinese herbal medicine over synthetic drugs any day, whether you choose to take synthetic drugs or not, that is your personal choice and I can only advise. However, one very important thing I will advise is DO NOT PANIC. Stay calm and either come and see me so we can go on your personal journey together, or go and see another TICM doctor of your choice. Panicking will not do you any justice, it will aggravate your results.

Unfortunately, I cannot discuss tumour markers here but you are welcome to contact me direct if your markers are high. But reduce anger, repressed emotions, anxiety, frustration and practice letting go.

High cholesterol is not a disease but a metabolic dysfunction, which means that it can contribute to many other serious diseases, usually affecting the heart and cardiovascular system.

According to TICM, excess cholesterol in the Blood is due to a dysfunction of the Spleen and Liver organ systems. In TICM, the Spleen is the primary digestive organ. The Spleen transforms and disperses food to all the parts of the body into useable energy. If you are consuming highlyprocessed food, junk food, excess foods, your Spleen will not have the proper nutrients and foundation to produce healthy levels of energy and Blood.

The accumulation of dampness, phlegm (diary causes phlegm too), mucous can also cause excess cholesterol. This arises from the impaired function of the digestive system, most notably of the Spleen, Stomach, Pancreas and Liver. Western medicine similarly recognise that cholesterol is either consumed and absorbed through the digestive tract or produced by the Liver.

Blood stasis also supports contributes to these imbalances. Think of Blood stasis as when your Blood, instead of flowing like a free flowing river, instead, is stagnant like a swamp. If the body does not naturally detoxify through a healthy functioning Liver, exercise or through proper diet, phlegm and dampness can't be removed, causing internal build ups like in the picture below.

The Liver is the organ that generates the Heart, according to the universal TCM framework. This means that the Heart depends on a healthy Liver to function properly, hence the overlapping in symptoms.

Treatment and how to help yourself:

Hijama wet cupping is a must with a complete lymphatic system.

Nutrition: Eat healthy, nourishing meals. Cooking for yourself is the most important thing you can do.

Try acupuncture to help remove Blood stagnation, Blood stasis and promote detoxification.

Reduce weight, when you lose weight more healthy cholesterol stays and bad cholesterol leaves.

Quit smoking, tobacco is associated with bad cholesterol levels.️ Exercise, moderate moving leads to better circulation and lower cholesterol levels.

Exercise, moderate moving leads to better circulation and lower cholesterol levels. Try naturally detoxing through hot epsom salt baths, lymphatic drainage, infrared saunas, enemas and colonics.

TICM doctor to prescribe Chinese herbs for Liver, Stomach and Spleen to promote natural detoxification. Liver herbs work by soothing the Liver to disperse the depressed energy and nourish Liver Blood, and at the same time strengthen the Stomach and Spleen. It also helps to manage stress which impairs Liver function.

Ginger power tea to combat the inflammation that happens with energy and Blood stagnation.

Foods to treat cholesterol

Eating to combat high cholesterol, you are eating to support your Spleen, Stomach and Liver function.

During this time, it is imperative to eat whole foods that are gentle on the digestion. That means cooked vegetables and refraining from eating salads and raw vegetables. Foods free of preservatives, additives, pesticides is also important as we don't want to continually overburden the Liver with toxins. Help your digestion with refraining from iced cold drinks. Warm water can hydrate you much more efficiently while breaking down food and fats.

Incorporating warming foods is really important in strengthening the digestive system. The one food that incorporates the most warming foods into the body is ginger, specifically ginger powder.

Fruits such as coconuts, apricot, lychee, mandarin, mango, peach, raspberry.

Vegetables such as onions, pumpkins, scallions, mustard greens, chives, leaks.

Animal products such (organic/ grass fed/ wild) butter, chicken, lamb, mussels, prawns, venison.

Spices include black pepper, cloves, cumin, fennel seed, garlic, nutmeg.

Overall it's important to eat a tonne of cooked dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, lemons, oregano, rice, bone broth and warm water. Talk to your TICM practitioner about herbs and supplements that will support you in your healing journey.

Avoid deep fried, fatty foods, simple carbohydrates including sugars and white flour, sodium, MSG and other preservatives, trans fats, and saturated fats. Coffee and tobacco should be avoided. Cheeses and aged cured meats should also be avoided, as they promote plaque build up. Make sure you are active and getting your body moving such as walks in the park.

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