Children and digestion

Strengthen your child’s digestive function

In TICM, babies and children are viewed as ultra sensitive little beings. If we begin their lives with nourishing food and focus on strengthening their Spleen, we are setting up a great foundation for their future. Modern science now knows what TICM has been teaching for thousands of years, almost all health imbalances originate in the gut with the Spleen being the vital organ. This is no different in children, perhaps even more important, because their systems are so impressionable.

Because infants and children are still maturing, their organs are considered weak according to TICM. Food stagnation or improper digestion is a common pattern in children that eat food they cannot digest: cold foods, greasy foods, dairy, and raw foods.

Try to purchase a liquid form of alcohol free hawthorn fruit extract made specifically for children from the ages of 1-15 years old to improve digestion and strengthen the Spleen. It is great for invigorating their appetite or helping an upset Stomach if they have had anything particularly hard to digest. Hawthorn fruit is very much loved in TICM.

Hawthorn berry is a rich source of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidant compounds found in plants. They help neutralise free radicals and toxins from food, poor diet, air pollution and environment which helps children as they are extra sensitive. Hawthorn acts like a prebiotic when ingested to feed healthy gut bacteria as well as provide fibre to maintain healthy bowel movements.

Hawthorn fruit is also recommended for adult and those with cardiovascular health issues.

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