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Carrots are a well known root vegetable that are bountiful as the weather gets colder. Just as nature supplies us with the perfect foods, carrots are super beneficial to be eaten during this time of year as they are a super healing food. TICM uses carrots to strengthen all the organs. Because of the structure of the carrot, it is quite hard to digest it raw, just as most vegetables, we recommend thoroughly cooking it for maximum healing and digestive benefits. The leaves if the carrots are beneficial too for the Liver and Gallbladder functions.

The essence of carrots enter the body through the Lung, Liver and Spleen. It has a neutral temperature, meaning it is does not produce too much heat or cold when consumed. It's taste is categorised as sweet which correlates to the Earth element benefiting the Spleen and Stomach functions.

Carrots are highly regarded in TICM because they are able to circulate energy, clear dampness and heat and eliminate toxins. They are sometimes called tiny ginseng's in TICM medical books, because ginseng is expensive, carrots are much less expensive and have similar benefits. You can also utilise the greens on top of the carrots, though a tad bitter, they are wonderful in soups, stews, as edible garnish, and sautéed alongside rice or noodles.


Helps lactation for breast feeding.

Kills parasites like pin and round worms.

Promotes ear energy and improves hearing.

Helps dissolve kidney and gall badder stones.

Strengthens the immune system and protects against cancer.

Lubricate dry eyes, strengthen eyes and improves all around vision.

Improves Liver function, stimulates waste removal and natural detoxification.

Helps reduce excess stomach acid for people suffering from acid reflux and heartburn.

Protects the lungs by being anti-inflammatory in the mucus membranes. Helps to ease coughs.

Strengthens the Spleen by removing stagnant food, indigestion, while improving the absorption of nutrients and all around digestion.

There are good reasons to include carrots in our diet, since they are enriched with carotenoids, phenolic compounds, polyacetylenes, and vitamins and by this reason they may help reduce the risk of some diseases.

Experimental evidence has reported that these carrot compounds exert anti-oxidative, anti-carcinogenic, and immuno-enhancer effects. Anti-diabetic, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease lowering, anti-hypertensive, hepatoprotective, renoprotective, and wound healing benefits of carrot have also been reported.

The mechanism by which these carrot compounds decrease the risk of some diseases is complex and sometimes largely unknown. The cardio and hepatoprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects of carrot seed extracts are also noteworthy. (Silva Dias, J.C. (2014) Nutritional and Health Benefits of Carrots and Their Seed Extracts. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 5, 2147-2156).

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