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I put up an article earlier today where a 19 year old child’s heavy period was misdiagnosed and she actually had a cancerous tumour. She had clots in her periods which turned out to be bits of her tumour. Even though she under went toxic chemotherapy treatment, medical doctors butchered her by performing a hysterectomy.

Boys - you have not been blessed to have a monthly period like the girls, so I will ask you guys to keep close eye on your body with any existing or new landmarks that may appear. If you come to see me I will inspect your entire body and advise you accordingly.

As for the new male contraceptive pill that is coming out, do not ever think of taking it is my advice to you. Those who work in my industry you will know what damage contraception has on the human body. Even condoms are no good boys.

Girls - those who already have come in to see me I would have advised you whether you are at risk of fibroids, masses and so forth. However, do keep an eye on your periods especially if there are any clots. If there are clots, keep a note of the colour, sizes and thickness, is it easy to pass or painful.

For new patients, I will inspect your body’s when you come and we shall go through period history thoroughly. But do keep an eye on any changes in your periods including clots.

I ask all my female patients not to wear tampons or moon cups. I request you wear pads so you can advise me how many you change each day, the consistency of the blood etc. More importantly I ask you to wear pads as you need to have a free flow discharge. Tampons contain toxics and the moon cup is plastic with some females leaving it in all day. Would you leave a baby in the same nappy all day?

Girls, in Chinese traditions, we are against contraception. I understand from an Islamic perspective that it has been made permissible. If I were able to make decisions, I would make it haram in Islam because of the damage it causes to Blood and we know all diseases stem from Blood. There is no free flow. Our so called leaders do not know what they are doing and I do not understand their thinking and logic especially if those decision makers do not see the after effects. Contraception also affects the natural hormones our body makes, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Allahu’Alam.

With some contraceptions, it stops periods all together. This is wrong as a period is a woman’s monthly detox and absolutely essential. If we were not supposed to have a monthly detox, why would Allah (SWT) give us a period? Contraception coagulates Blood and as we do not see the Blood we do not take things seriously. No periods means health issues later in life and sickness does not appear over night.

The most important thing about not having a period is when you come to see someone like me, we can easily miss early detection of things such as cancer. Keep an eye on whether you have bleeding in between periods.

So girls where possible use sanitary towels and no contraception. If your worried about pregnancy, avoid intercourse during the full moon, 13-21 lunar Islamic month. Allahu’Alam.

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