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Bone Broths

Meat consumes energy for digestion especially if one is unwell.

I strongly advise that people start drinking bone broths as Rasool’Allah (SAW) used to do as per Prophetic Medicine. Bone broths is huge in Chinese Medicine too, Chinese tend to eat it with plain rice which is a staple food.

Bone broths is easy on the digestive function, barely uses any energy for digestion, blood and energy tonic and strengths immunity.

You can use any animal bones and they are cheap to buy. Alternatively, if you eat meat with bones, save the bones and re-use them to make the broth. With this virus, do not worry about organic bones. Add salt and pepper for seasoning as pepper helps digestion process and salt for taste.

Soups is also part of the Prophetic Medicine.

My patients will know that I always recommend bone broths and soups regardless of what is going on in the world, sickness or no sickness. The Prophetic Medicine is there as preventative measures and cures so we should be following the Sunnah in regards to diet all the time. The Sunnah keeps us healthy from all angles, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I urge all Muslims that during this time, they get to know the Sunnah intimately. Regardless of what the world thinks of Chinese people and their diets, I personally know from working with them and being friends with them, that they do actually have the Sunnah diet. You should not believe everything you hear and read.

Believe me when I say this. When I was studying Chinese Medicine, being mentored by well known TCM doctors and working besides TCM doctors regardless of background, they are all following the Sunnah. Every time I am around these people, they make me fall in love with the Sunnah more and more, my love continues to grow and the Sunnah is something I will never fall out of love with in Sha Allah Ameen.

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