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Body organs

TICM perspective of body parts removal

So, you will all know by now that in TICM there are some things that simply are not permissible and for great reasons too. Poisons, surgeries, abortions, removal of body organs, medication, implants of any type. However, these mentioned things are all easy options for mainstream medicine handed to patients and patients accept on emotions based decision making process and they simply want a quick and easy solution but in the process they are making life more difficult for themselves.

I have patients who have had Gallbladder, Spleen, tonsils, a Kidney, a Lung, appendix, etc removed and what that means in TICM?

In TICM, we prefer not to remove any part of the body as that is causing harm to the patient. After all medicine is about cause no harm right? if this really was the case in mainstream medicine, then none of the above would be permissible in mainstream medicine either. But guess what? Even other TCM doctors follow the mainstream narrative, as for me, I have been blessed with a brain and shall continue to use the higher part of my brain.

We believe the body functions as a whole and organ systems are not isolated from one another, in that removing something will not address the root dysfunction, and the problem will keep manifesting, just in different forms. For example, after Gallbladder removal surgery, patients up to 40% of them it may be even more, experience persistent abdominal pain known as postcholecystectomy syndrome. If the Gallbladder was the problem in the first place, why are the patients still experiencing pain? This is the result of not treating the root cause or looking at the body as a whole.

Imagine a road map and visualise the pathways as they weave in and out of each other. Now imagine a similar, intricate system of channels inside us. These pathways are what we refer to as our channels or meridians. The meridian system depicts a path through which our life energy known as Qi flows.

The meridians provide a network of energetic interconnectedness, so even when a physical organ or body part is removed, Qi is still flushing and serving the entire network.

What you do need to do however is take extra self care in order to keep balance in that meridian because it will be more prone to dysfunction. Use herbs, acupuncture, meditation, food, sun, hijama, thoughts and expression to nourish your body and that meridian especially.

Read about what the organs correlate to in TICM, their functions are much broader and intricate then they are in Western medicine. This correlation is beyond just physical, it is much to do about emotional, spiritual and mental health. Use this to strengthen your entire body and know where to provide extra nourishment.

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