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Blood deficiency

I just wanted to talk about blood a little as from my perspective, once a person starts having problems at the blood level, you are in trouble and will be prone to all sorts of sickness. Blood is our lifeline along with our oxygen and water.

I am now monitoring everyone's Heart rate and oxygen levels after seeing things I do not wish to see. Last week I saw two patients, when they took their socks off, one had dark purple feet feet and the other patient had almost black feet. To me just looking at it, their blood and oxygen levels are talking to me. Other patients I am seeing are now going yellow in colour in various parts of the body which is indicating that their Liver is not coping too well with the lack of vital energy, in addition to people developing dermatological issues especially on the face.

In TICM, healthy, free flowing blood gives way to a vibrant, thriving body, one full of energy and free from pain. The mind is equally active and bright and there is a sense of calmness, stability and togetherness.

TICM understood that blood isn’t just platelets and plasma but instead our vitality as living beings. They knew that where blood was stagnant or deficient, one would encounter pain and disease.

In our modern day world we are so quick to diagnose ourselves with long list of symptoms that can all easily be traced back to Blood Deficiency. Common symptoms relating to Blood Deficiency include: anaemia, anxiety, arthritis, depression, dizziness, eating disorders, fatigue, feeling scattered, infertility, insomnia, irregular menstrual issues, miscarriage, low iron or B12, migraines, painful periods, scanty period, poor memory and thinning hair amongst so many other diseases.

Blood Deficiency is caused by over working, over thinking and living with extreme stress. Combine that with diets lacking in nutrition, blood ends up becoming stagnant, deficient and results in physical, emotional, and psychological imbalances. Our natural sources of nourishment are air, food, water and our energetic capacity. If any of these are lacking, it will impact the blood. Digestion is also greatly important because if someone is not able to absorb food properly, blood won’t get the nutrients it needs to thrive.

More causes of Blood Deficiency are genetic patterning altered by external factors such as toxins, constitutional weakness, and weakness of organs and tissues, over exertion at work or sport, trauma where blood was lost, heavy periods and excess drinking or drug use.

Vegan and vegetarians are recommended to take Blood builder formula's daily. It is important for both male and female. TICM do not believe in the vegan and vegetarianism craze as it is not good for health and definitely not ethical as we are led to believe.

Use Blood builder formula to tonify blood, nourish the Liver, increase Yang, promote circulation, remove blood stagnation and invigorate blood. Avoid taking while pregnant, as one of the herbs used, Dang Gui, can contract the Uterus.

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