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Why building Blood is important in TICM

In TICM and beyond, Blood (Xue) is one of our essential and vital substances. It is said that where there is free flowing Blood and Qi (our vital energy) disease can not exist. Any form of discomfort is due to improper circulation, that's why regular acupuncture is so important.

Blood is denser form of Qi.

Blood is inseparable from Qi.

Blood is the mother of Qi.

Qi moves Blood .

Qi gives life and movement to Blood, but Blood nourishes the Organs that produce Qi.

Functions of Blood:

Nourishes the body: complements the nourishing action of Ying Qi. As a denser form of Qi, it flows with the (Ying) Qi in the vessels and channels all over the body.

Moistens body tissues, ensures that they do not dry out. Blood is part of Yin, fluid-like and moistening.

Supports the Shen/Nafs (Spirit and Mind) is the closest but not a true translation). The Shen/Nafs is said to live in the Blood Vessels, which are part of the Heart. The Blood nourishes and supports the Shen/Nafs, giving it a foundation.

Where Blood is deficient, the Shen/Nafs (our Spirit and Mind) becomes uneasy, with symptoms of vague anxiety, slight irritability, unease and inability to fall asleep. For women, painful periods occur with cramps, headaches, irregularities, PMS, etc.

Randomised clinical trials found that the Blood building formula's were more effective in reducing the volume of fibroids.

Blood builder formula's helps the following conditions: anaemia, anxiety, arthritis, depression, dizziness, eating disorders, fatigue, feeling scattered, infertility, insomnia, irregular menstrual issues, miscarriage, low iron or B12, migraines, painful periods, scanty period, poor memory, thinning hair.

Blood builder nourishes Heart and Liver Blood, regulates the Chong Mai and Ren Mai, major meridians associated with fertility.

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