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Blackberries are a delicious and tart berry that come into peak season towards the end of Summer. Just like their berry relatives, they are used in a variety of foods, often as pie fillings, jams, and delicious sauces. This fruit originated in Europe and is now consumed all over the world. Berries contain high levels of antioxidants along with vitamin C, niacin, magnesium plus vitamin A and K. Blackberries also contain tannins, which are antimicrobial. Because berries promote the healthy tightening of tissue, they help to keep the skin looking young. According to TICM, blackberries enter the Lung and Bladder. They are categorised as having a cooling temperature and astringent effect when ingested. They can move fluid down and out of the body. This is very helpful to people with dampness and phlegm which is seen in conditions like oedema, joint pain, excess weight, fertility issues, dampness for more. Blackberries: Soften stones Dry dampness Promote urination Nourish the Kidneys Reduce inflammation Promote tissue repair Rid the body of phlegm Prevent Stomach ulcers and Effective to fight against Helicobacter pylori Helps symptoms like: bladder stones, diarrhoea, excess phlegm in Lungs and throat, fevers, haemorrhoid’s, inflamed gums, laryngitis, menstrual cramping, mouth sores, skin irritations, sore throat, toothaches, urinary tract infections.

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