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Bitter foods

Bitter flavour foods is the flavour of the Heart. Bitter flavour enters the Heart, small intestines, San Jiao and Pericardium meridians, all the fire organs. The taste correlates to summer, joy and laughter and when the fire element is balanced, we experience happiness and act on our life plans. Because the fire element correlates to the Heart, we can make meaningful relationships and nurture the ones we have.

Bitter foods are used in TICM to cool heat in the body by descending heat downwards and out. They also reduce fever, dry fluid, drain dampness and create bowel movements.

They help the following symptoms: anxiety, inflammation, infections, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, candida, ulcers in the mouth, excess mucus, swelling, insomnia, heart palpitations, red face, emotional, cysts, constipation. 

Bitter foods include: asparagus, bitter melon, cauliflower, chamomile, coffee, dandelion, endives, ginseng, green tea, kale, lettuce, romaine lettuce, scallion.

Note: do not overeat bitter foods if you have osteoporosis or have warm (Yang) deficiency.

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