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Benefits of hot drinking water

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Have you started drinking hot water yet? If so, great because your organ systems will be activated to promote healing, digestion, restoration and more. I have talked about the life changing health benefits of drinking warm or hot water liquids instead of cold and room temperature many times before, because this has been suggested in TICM for thousands of years.

The average internal core body temperature of a healthy child or adult is around 37 degrees celsius or 98.6 degrees fahrenheit. If this temperature is raised by two degrees, the body shows clear signs of distress that we call fever. With that said, TICM states that we create the opposite effect in the body when we constantly drink iced, chilled, and even room temperature fluids. However, signs of distress do not show up in the body as readily as fever, but rather occur over many years, first affecting metabolism and digestion before manifesting negative effects in the health of other organ systems.

Once you start drinking hot water exclusively, you may feel dehydrated at first. This is because the organs are waking up from their cold induced slumber. It is normal to feel thirsty for the first few weeks, but keep up with it and focus on the immediate positive changes. For insistence whenever my patients begin drinking hot water they always let me know that within 2 days or so they feel so much less bloated and notice their cravings are curbed.

Bloating does indeed start to decrease because hot liquids help digestion greatly. Think of a pan with any sort of fat left in it. When the pan is hot, the fat is in liquid consistency, but, when the pan cools down, it becomes solid. So think of your Stomach similarly, if you eat and then also drink cold liquids, food, especially fats, aren't able to move and digest freely.

Please make sure not to burn your tongue. You want to aim to drink water a bit higher than the normal body temp of 37 degrees celsius or 98.6 degrees fahrenheit, or the temperature you can drink. The more you drink the easier it becomes.

This 'virus' has been around for years and all of a sudden it is a PLANdemic. So what to do if you have it and do not have access to black seed oil: one spoon of coconut oil (for the immune system) tea of bay leaves and turmeric 3 times (for fever) a day is helping people.

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