Back pain

So many people (even young children) are having back pain. Usually when I hear back pain, I will ask the patient if they feel whether they are being supported in life. Usually answer is they are not supported. In TICM, back pain relates to our Kidneys. The Kidney and Bladder are partnered organs, so in order to treat back pain effectively, we want to make sure to use the Kidney and Bladder channels to heal. In addition to this, make sure to always keep your lower back and ankles warm.

Bladder 61 known as Servant’s Respect, relaxes the sinews, activates the channel, alleviates pain. This is the Yang (male) point.

Kidney 4 known as Great Bell helps the Kidney greatly which is usually related to back issues. It is used for chronic low back pain from Kidney deficiency. This is the Yin (female) point. This combination of points are the balance of each other.

Find both points and rub at the same time for 2-3 minutes. Do both sides of your feet. Practice daily and feel better.

Have a cup of ginger powder tea afterwards.

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