Awake between 1-3am

If you wake up between 1-3am do these two exercise daily for one minute each.

Our body runs an internal system which regulates vital energy (Qi) throughout it in 2 hour organ and meridian specific intervals. This is known as our circadian rhythm. In TICM we refer to it as the body clock.

Between the hours of 1-3am is the time of the Liver organ system, when it is working to detoxify the body and regulate Qi (energy), Blood and emotions.

Waking up during this time signals a disharmony or dysfunction on both emotional and physical levels. One condition doesn't exist without the other.

Rub the Liver meridian located inside the leg in a downwards motion, on each side for 3-10 minutes.

Rub the Liver meridian points (LIV13 and 14) located on the Stomach. Rub in a downwards motion for 3-10 minutes.

Practice daily.

If you wake up during this time of the night, you can rub the points to help you sleep.

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