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Autism Part 1

Autism Part 1: Heat Type

This type of autism can be described as the irritation of the brain and spinal cord where the patient can be restless, constant bouts of energy, the child is fidgety, hyperactive, cannot sit still, short attention span and could be running up and down at night. Their body is so restless and out of control that their minds flits from one thing to another like flames in a fire. Therefore, depending on the so called consultant or specialist on the day that the patient sees, they could be either diagnosed and labelled with ADHD or autism. TICM teaches us there is no such thing as wrong treatment, but there is wrong diagnosis. If the diagnosis is incorrect, the treatment plan and drugs being prescribed will most definitely be incorrect and this will cause harm in the long term which there is no doubt about. This is why TICM teaches focus on diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis and we want to know your entire life story.

I have sat with specialist consultants and even every day doctors. They do not know what the diagnosis is for sure but as the patient or child’s parent is pushing for a diagnosis wanting to know what the problem is, as the medical team do not want to look like fools, they will give a label knowing that it could be completely wrong. But as they are continually pushed, they will come up with something to get the patient off their back. This is where I blame both parties, parents/patients have to take responsibility for pushing the medical squad. My opinion is, not everything we have to know in life. Some things are best left alone and unknown.

In children with heat type, the first thing a parent would have noticed is a disrupted sleep pattern. The child does not go to sleep easily and once asleep wakes up easily at the slightest noise. In the most severe cases, the child will be wide awake for an hour or more in the middle of the night, quite happy and wants to play. The symptoms here would be things such as feeling hot all the time, thirsty, sweaty, red faced, takes off clothes so the typical signs of being hot would be difficulty sleeping, restless sleep, light sleeper, fidgety and restless.

For a TICM doctor these are signs of an irritated nervous system so we would be observing the child’s tongue which would be red with a red tip and feeling the pulse which would be rapid. The child may have a high metabolic rate and be thin. This will also mean that the child’s internal body organs are irritated and inflamed. In TICM the brain is an organ so the heat will have an effect on the mind so the child cannot stay still. The Heart which stores the Spirit (Shen) and Liver stores the Soul (Hun) so the Spirit and Soul will also be affected. The Spirit (Heart) and intellect (Brain) are not in harmony and communicating. The child will have mild inflammation of the Brain. The Liver opens into the eyes, the eyes are the windows of the Soul so eye contact may not be given. For Muslims, we believe that when we die, our eyes follow our Soul up to the heavens as it is being taken (I urge all Muslims, please if you do nothing else in your life, please get intimate with the science of Qur'an and Sunnah as everything has been handed to us on a plate).

As the heat is affecting the sense organs, sounds will be too loud, sights will be too bright, taste buds will be powerful, will have strong sense of smells and touch may be overwhelming. If this child was born with fear, fear emotion will be amplified out of all proportion by the heated nervous system where fear becomes unbearable. This will lead to fear dominating the child’s life leading to unusual behaviour.

What causes heat?

This is where I come back to the sperm and egg. What was the condition/health of the father and mother at the time of conception? Did the mother have a tendency of being hot before and during pregnancy and exceptionally hot during the latter stages of pregnancy? Did the mother eat foods that are over heating such as greasy fast foods, spicy foods during pregnancy, coffee? Was she on heated western medication during pregnancy? How much sugars, diary, food additives, artificial drinks and oranges were consumed during pregnancy? These things may play a role in heat type autism, but not enough to cause autism. What really tips things over the edge is immunisations.

Immunisations is a sensitive subject as we all seem to put our faith in these poisons, I am not going to discuss this as it will cause an uproar amongst a lot of people as we have been sucked in by the industry. However, whilst we do like to believe that there are no severe reactions for minority, there are health issues around it. Medical doctors and science claim there is no connection between immunisations and autism as there is no research. All I will say is that research is flawed and the parents I have seen will tell me that development with the child was fine and then within a day or two of an immunisation, everything changed. But this is always dismissed by medicine, scientists and those people who are pro-immunisation.

From Islamic perspective and Islamic sciences, the immunisations sits in the spinal cord for people and with boys and men it also enters their scrotum waiting to erupt at anytime for any condition. From Chinese perspective, it is consistent with extreme heat entering the system giving rise to what we know as Heat entering the Heart which corresponds to the western concept of irritation of the brain.

Immunisations is supposed to stimulate the immune system by injecting an attenuated form of illness, usually dead cells from a bacteria/virus. The body’s natural immune system will jump into action to eliminate this threat that has just been injected threatening one’s health which produces a reaction to the disease itself. This is why it is common to have fever, croup following the immunisations along with other signs and symptoms especially related to heat. As the fever is not evenly distributed throughout the body but it is always concentrated in the head, this leaves behind an irritated brain. An inflamed brain is what leads to measles, encephalitis……Those who believe immunisations protect, hard factual evidence is hard to find.

Treatment (please note I will only discuss here how I treat heat type autism as I cannot speak for other doctors. I cannot speak for my colleagues here as each one of us do things differently. When I treat people, I go into a mental bubble in a state of bliss away from the madness of this world into tranquility. The patients body wants to communicate with me and my Creator is talking me through what to do. This may make no sense to an average person. However, most TCM doctors are spiritual due to practices we do behind closed doors especially with spiritual cleansing such as spending hours on end on prayer, meditation, Qigong with the sun, etc).


Hijama – this is the main root treatment and an absolute must to release heat from the body especially to the head (DU20 & DU24), Heart, Liver, Stomach, Spleen, heat release and reproductive points).

Acupuncture – points are dependent upon signs and symptoms known as branches.

Diet & nutrition – absolute must to make changes, although it gets more difficult after the age of 7.

Qigong – I only perform on non Muslims. I personally do not see the harm in Qigong. There are Muslims who believe it is OK to consume internally pork medication which goes into the blood stream yet it is not OK to perform Qigong which is external. I know Qigong done correctly will overpower all treatments as in the UK, one master destroyed last stages of Liver cancer for a patient with just one session of Qigong.

Chinese herbal medicine using cooling and neutral herbs.

Tuina – massage homework given for parents to perform on children at home.

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