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Quickest way to increase appetite is by strengthening the digestion and likewise, it is also the quickest way to weight loss. In TICM, we believe DIEt’s are designed to set people up to fail and we do not do calorie counting as that can drive anyone crazy.

In TICM, a strong Spleen and Stomach will have a strong and healthy appetite. Here is how we can support them. Regular eating times: eating at regular times daily helps to strengthen the Spleen and the entire digestive system. The body is on a clock and creates chemicals needed for digestion and absorption. The more routinely you adhere to a schedule, the less energy wasted on repeating this process. Breakfast: make sure to have breakfast. Refer to my post explaining why breakfast is the most important meal for the digestive system. Slowly, this will help you feel hungry at the right mealtimes. Have things like baked sweet potatoes, baked apples with walnuts, oatmeal, or congee. Herbal support: increase appetite through keeping metabolism regular. This formula also supports the Spleen, when the Spleen is healthy, there will be an appetite. Hawthorn fruit: use hawthorn to improve appetite as well as assist in digestion especially meats. Even in pharmacodynamics, hawthorn has the function of promoting digestion, but they will not promote this as hawthorn is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as to eliminate. The lipase contained in hawthorn could promote the digestion of fat and vitamin C and other ingredients in hawthorn could improve appetite. Hawthorn powder also has a regulating effect on gastrointestinal motility and spasm. Emotional health: emotions like over worry, overthinking and prolonged sadness can affect the Spleen directly and cause loss of appetite. So can anger, stress, frustration. It is imperative to have practices in place to deal with emotions. Mediation, Salaah, Qigong, walking in nature, creative outlets, therapy, etc can all help. Stimulants: reduce or avoid caffeine, nicotine, sugar, drugs. Often, drugs will injure the digestion by attacking the Liver resulting in no appetite.

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