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What causes appendicitis in children?

Appendix is not often talked about and is always dismissed by western medicine as just a spare part. As a believer, I do not believe we have been created with spare parts, or that we can live with one Kidney or Spleen without causing health issues. MAJORITY OF THE TIME SURGERY IS DONE WITHOUT A CLEAR AND DEFINITE DIAGNOSIS.

There are a number of factors that can cause appendicitis in children. One with an anxious personality will tend to over think things and we all know overthinking damages the digestive organs and appendix forms part of the overall digestive system.

Sometimes children are not treated well by their siblings or others in general. This will lead to stress for the child as well as anxiety, both of which are known to affect the bowel function resulting in cramps, spasms, IBS, Crohn's, UC and other digestive conditions. This will effect the bowel mobility and encourages constipation. Blockages such as these to the digestive function are linked to appendicitis as are overgrowth of gut bacteria.

Another big factor is that children and adults too, scoff and do not chew food properly as they have a habit of filling their mouth and swallowing food. This prevents the Stomach acids from acting on large morals of poorly chewed food, which allows bacteria to reach and breed more in the lower bowel creating further dysbiosis and gas which would be contributing to appendicitis.

Having the appendix removed will cause other complications of the gut and wider body systems including immune system. But medical doctors do remove it in event that it could rupture.

Even if you do not, know that if you are damaging your appendix by doing some of the other, it will not be producing good gut bacteria and taking chemicalised crap storm will never be able to carry out the functions of the appendix. Everyone in this day and age has major gut issues.

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