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Anti viral soup

Immune boosting anti-viral soup

Immune boosting anti-viral herbal vegetable soups during this flu season is what you should be having. Easy on digestion tonic soups are super easy to make...just chop up colourful vegetables you like, then add herbs bring to a quick boil them simmer about 30-40 minimum and you have a great healthy tonic soup. You can add peas lentils beans rich in protein, carbs and fibre. If making beans or lentils or chick peas make sure to soak them first if dried. Dried peas do not need to be soaked. After I cook the soup when I serve it I add raw garlic, raw ginger root and cayenne on top for extra immune boosting health benefits.

For this soup I added these immune boosting herbs:






Astragalus (Huang Qi)




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