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Answers are within you

We have all the answers within us

The more we go within, the less we seek outside. As humans, we are constantly in search of answers and guidance. We seek out the advice of our friends, family, professionals and Google on a daily basis to help us stay afloat on life's stream. Though talking to others can provide new perspectives, the most important results are found within.

When we think of ourselves as individuals, do we take the time to really appreciate and savour the fact that each one of us is totally unique? Every scene and every experience has been lived through our eyes and ours alone. Our inner compass has been built long ago and grown from each lesson we've had over each and every experience and perhaps over lifetimes of them.

When we turn within, our inner wisdom is there, waiting to guide us. If you haven't tried doing this, it may feel awkward at first, because most of us were taught to look to others for advice. But, the more you consciously retreat to your own self for answers, the more you recognise the voice of your own wisdom and intuition. The more you will trust yourself and count on yourself. You see, once this is understood and your inner flame is ignited, there is a bond that can't be broken. There is no better feeling than this, for you are truly equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

If you are wary at first, you can think back on a time where you followed your intuition, or your inner guidance, and it turned out to be the right decision for you. Others may have even thought you were crazy to do what you set out to do, but you knew it was the right thing for YOU. When you remember this, you can recall the feeling you felt when you knew what was best for you.

Be patient and forgiving of yourself, there is no need to feel frustrated if you feel confused at first. The more you ask your own self for guidance, and the more you remember all the good decisions you have made from that guidance, the easier it will become. This is about thinking less, not thinking more. The answers are there for you, to uncover. Tapping into practices like prayer, meditation, journalling, Qigong, breath work, nature walks, star gazing, hiking, connecting with soil, spending time at the beach in the water and more creative practices help.

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