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Adult eczema

Eczema is also known as dermatitis, is when dry, itchy skin patches occur on the body, most commonly the hands, feet, face, elbows and knees. While in the Western world the cause for this irritating disorder is a bit unknown, in TICM there are causes as well as solutions.

In TICM, eczema is due to several body and organ imbalances, usually a combination of them. The most prevalent is always Spleen deficiency. Other contributing factors are emotional imbalance which impairs Liver function, energy deficiency or weak constitution (Kidney related). Do not be alarmed, however, there is a way to heal the root cause through TICM.

About 90% of patients with eczema suffer from Spleen deficiency, and most without even knowing what that really is. Most people may wonder what has eczema got to do with the Spleen. The Spleen is responsible for transforming food into energy, then transmitting fluids to the Lung. The fluids received from the Spleen are reduced to a mist in the Lungs to moisten skin and to regulate the opening and closing of pores, sweating and the elimination of toxic heat. When this system becomes imbalanced or stagnant, the skin suffers as it is not receiving proper detoxification and moisture, hence when troubling dry patches can flare up. Spleen is the mother of Lungs.

In the Golden Mirror of Medicine, a famous Chinese medical text from Ching dynasty, it describes eczema as which can be translated into: weak constitution plus bad eating habits equals Spleen deficiency. This equation leads to the accumulation of dampness. Dampness and emotional stagnation equals heat equals exhausted Blood and damaged Yin which turns into dryness and wind. The nature of dampness is dirty, sticky, cloudy and dense. It can linger in the body for a long time.

Dampness causes weight gain, slow metabolism, acne, irregular periods, IBS, painful periods and PMS, excess phlegm, fertility problems, etc. The most important way to keep our Spleen healthy is to prevent the accumulation of dampness.

Pay attention to your body, have a journal of your food and emotions so you can see how both affect you. Take care of your Spleen by eating clean, living clean and taking care of your emotions. Give conscious thanks to the God for your blessings. With all the emotional, physical and environmental stressors that enter our body, we have to find natural ways to release them.

What should you avoid?

Food avoidance: dairy, wheat, gluten, shrimp, crab, eggs in moderation, duck, GMO food, non organic food full of preservatives and chemicals, food additives, food colouring, spicy food, deep fried food, too much strong coffee or tea, and alcohol.

Environment avoidance: smoke, all chemicals, paints, perfume, toxins in shampoos, body washes, chemical dish detergent or clothing detergent, dust, mould, pollen. Read your labels.

Emotion avoidance: stress, anger, agitation, anxiety, sadness, or any emotional disturbance that you don't seek to work through.


For emotional balance, use Liver formula’s prescribed by your doctor to regulate emotional stress.

Take Spleen formula to warm Spleen if prescribed by your doctor, invigorate the Lungs and remove dampness.

The following herbs are very helpful and also found in the above formula’s: Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Yi Yi Ren, Chen Pi, Che Qian Zi, Ze Xie, Bai Xian Pi, Ku Shen, Gan Cao.

Consume foods with zinc, magnesium, molybdenum, vitamin C, rosmarinic acid, quercetin, black sesame seed, krill oil, flaxseed oil, Coconut oil.

Oil pull in the morning.

Plain warm distilled water enema, 1-3 times a week.

Coffee enema (only after you get used to water enema, then start slowly with coffee enema).

Steam broccoli and cabbage, with a bit of apple added in for taste. Sip the water that the vegetables were boiled in and eat the vegetables while they are warm. Follow this with ginger powder tea.

15 raisins soaked in one cup of water or boiled until raisins are soft then drink and eat raisins, twice daily. Good for kids. With this method you may feel skin getting worse, just hang tight, it will get better.

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