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Acupuncture before & after surgery

If you or someone you know are going in for surgery, acupuncture provides many benefits for before and after surgery.

Digestion: many people experience constipation after surgery due to anesthesia and medication. Because acupuncture can help with regulating the digestion, it can keep the bowels regular and moving.

Reduces scarring & swelling: acupuncture assists in breaking up the formation of scar tissue and sending new blood and healthy Qi to the impacted area.

Immune support: when vital everygy is flowing smoothly, the immune system is stronger, making it easier to have a successful procedure and also improve recovery time.

Relieves stress, anxiety and worry: cortisol tends to rise when we are faced with medical procedures because we get stressed and our bodies are in a "fight or flight" mode that affects the entire body. One of acupuncture's greatest benefits is being a stress reliever and calming the nervous system.

Eases pain: acupuncture helps all sorts of pain by opening the meridians to have a healthy flow of vital energy, our body's life force. When our life force, is properly flowing, pain subsides because the body has the ability heal the otherwise stagnated area. This is a great relief before and after surgery.

Lowers risk of stroke: acupuncture opens blood vessels and assists in the free flowing of blood movement which decreases the chances of clotting and inflammation that can lead to stroke. Ischemic stroke is relating to clots, when blood supply can't reach the brain and is the leading cause of stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke is when a weakened blood vessel ruptures, usually due to high blood pressure.

Note: I also like to prescribe a herbal medicine formula so that your vital energy and blood are replenished before and after surgery.

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