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Pathogenic wind is a primary disrupter of a person’s health and the precursor of many illnesses. Of the "Six Evils" or pathogens in TICM, wind is the primary external pathogenic factor such as cold, damp, dryness, and heat all depend on wind to attack the body to some degree. Wind is associated with Spring and the Liver organ system and looks like acute diseases like colds, flu’s and allergic reactions.

Wind initially manifested in the top of the body, especially the face, skin and sweat glands and Lungs. When the body is invaded from outside, its defensive capabilities are weakened, causing an imbalance in the opening and the closing of the pores in the entire body, leading to the invasion of other infectious agents. This can lead to headaches, nasal obstruction, painful and itching throat, facial oedema, abnormal aversion to wind, and perspiration.

Wind is not only external but can be generated internally from a body overtaxed with inflammation or heat. Burning the candle on both ends creates wind. Think of working a stressful job and then engaging in vigorous physical exercise. This depletes ones Yin energy and creates dryness and heat which leads to internal wind. Too much heat in the body creates wind. Severe emotional stress can result in internal wind in the form of high blood pressure. When heat and wind are severe, this can manifest as a stroke.

Wind trapped in the gut can cause chronic irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s etc. Internal wind can cause shaking in the body and disruption in neurological function which is manifested in severe cases of epilepsy, seizures, headaches, migraines, etc.

We need to address the wind in our lives, which correlates to creating change within ourselves to allow for true transformation. It is time to look in the mirror and ask, what are we creating in our lives? Are we cultivating health with a meaningful lifestyle or disease with a stressed out lifestyle? In order to change any health problem, we must change ourselves on some level. Every disease is curable. It is the patient that cannot be cured.

Some useful tips: use my an energy formula prescribed by your doctor, physically and emotionally let go, be flexible, be calm, do not over exercise, rest in the evenings, take magnesium and zinc rich foods, eat healthy warm foods, eat foods rich in omega 3s, dress warmly, always keep hands and feet warm….

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