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Skin keeps coming up. TICM do not believe in quick fixes and beauty creams as your skin is a reflection of internal disharmonies.

Not only is your skin your body’s largest organ it’s also what you present to the world in a daily basis and as you might imagine your skin and the health of it can tell you a lot about your internal health. It really is true what they say beauty comes from the inside out. So, what does your skin condition/appearance tell you about what may be going on inside your body?

Eczema: in TICM, eczema is a complex condition that can have many different manifestations. It is an allergic reaction that is caused by both internal and external factors. Internally, the main causes of imbalances are dampness, heat and wind. Other factors like stress, depression, climate and diet could also contribute to the cause. The TICM therapeutic principle works by clearing away the heat and dampness through bowels, urine and skin by expelling wind and detoxifying the body, as well as moistening the dryness and nourishing the blood.

Dry skin: dryness in TICM terms may be internal, generally arising from heat, or external arising from the season or environmental conditions. Externally the lung system is most often involved and internally the Kidneys and Lungs are commonly involved along with the Spleen and Large Intestine. These formulas need to be used wisely in patients who also present with signs of dampness as their use can promote that imbalance.

Acne: acne is a commonly seen skin condition among adolescents. In TICM, however, acne is not discriminated by age but by patterns or by types of internal imbalance. It is often associated with heat and damp heat lingering in the organs and meridians. Careful differentiation of heat is therefore crucial to treat the pattern of disharmony accordingly. For example, Lung Heat manifests itself as acne around the forehead and near the nose. The tongue will turn red with a thin yellow coat. Often, the patient will experience chill due to sensitivity to wind and show aversion to heat. Whereas damp heat has the tendency of triggering chronic acne. The skin is usually oily and the acne is inflamed and pus filled.

As well as helping your Spleen, the following formula will also help with helps excess perspiration, night sweats, irregular menstruation, leukorrhoea, dizziness, blurry vision, genital itchiness, impotence, nocturnal emissions, weak abdomen, abdominal distention after eating, premenstrual spotting, dry skin and dry hair.

Personally, I eat clay and drink lots of bone broth for collagen.


Wild Crafted Fu Shen, Bai Zhu, Suan Zao, Ren Shen, Huang Qi, Dang Shen, Long Yan Rou, Da Zao, Dang Gui, Yuan Zhi, Gan Cao, Sheng Jiang, Mu Xiang, Gan Jiang (Ginger Powder).

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