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Eliminate damp exercises: 4 exercises

1: REN9 is also known as Water Separation in English, which can be used to teach the body how to separate water and clear the passageway of stagnation of water.

This is helpful to remove dampness and treat oedema, excess weight, urinary issues, poor digestion, GERD, vomiting after eating and overall dampness accumulation from the failure to properly transform or burn off moisture.

This point tonifys/strengthens the Spleen and Kidney. This is essential because the stronger our energy (Qi) is, the better we can dispel and avoid dampness. Qi forms through the food we eat and is also stored in the Kidneys, our energy reserves.

Location: 1 thumb width above the belly button.

Press the point deeply and jiggle it for 30secs - 1 minute, let go and repeat 3-5 times. Practice 2-3 times daily.

2: We want to tonify/strengthen the Spleen in order to remove dampness and not create more of it. Dampness forms from a weakened Spleen being unable to transform and transmit what we ingest.

Spleen 6 is called Three Yin Intersection in English. This point tonifys/strengthens all Yin (fluids) and Blood, all Spleen disorders, digestive disorders, gynaecological issues, male sexual dysfunctions, menstrual issues, candida and anxiety as many of these problems are caused by dampness.

This point is 3 finger widths from the bony bump on the inner side of the ankle.

Spleen 9 is called Yin Mound Spring in English. This point regulates the Spleen and drains dampness, opens and moves the water passages.

Rub upwards as shown, from SP6 to SP9 with four fingers, 10-20 times daily per leg, 2-3 day.

3: We want to prevent dampness from turning into phlegm. Phlegm is both visible and invisible and creates illness if unresolved.

You can practice this technique with your hands into a fist, using the pressure of your knuckles or with a gua sha tool. The great thing about scraping is that by being in the general location, you are bound to stimulate the correct points. You are scraping from ST36 to ST40.

Stomach 36 is called Leg Three Miles in English is located four finger widths down from the bottom of your knee cap, along the outer boundary of your shin bone.

Stomach 40, is called Abundant Bulge in English, is at the depression on the front of the lower leg one finger width from the front edge of the bone, halfway between the highest point of the lateral ankle bone and the knee joint. It may feel soft if there is a lot of phlegm or mucous in the body. This point helps relieve phlegm from anywhere in the body.

Scrape 10-20 per leg, 2-3 times per day. Use gua sha or your fist.

4: We want to separate the good from the bad moisture and clear heat through activating this extraordinary point.

Bladder 40 is called Middle of the Crook in English located at the back of the knee. It is also a specialised point known as the He Sea point, which clears heat from the channel. Points that clear heat from the channel are really good for pain related conditions. Conditions with damp heat include: knee pain, headache, skin conditions, toothaches, sore throat, back pain, sciatic pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain and Bladder infection. Stimulating this point can indeed help all of those conditions, because dampness tends to settle in the lower area of the body, just as mould, moisture all settle in the basement of a house.

Tap with both hands until area turns a bit red. Once red you will know that it has been activated. Do it on both legs. Remember that you only need to practice this exercise twice a week.

Make sure to drink warm water or ginger powder tea afterwards to assist your body in waste removal.

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